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Black Friday Heymo's FAQ

When is 2023 Black Friday ?

Black Friday 2023 ttakes place on November 24. According to a study, 75% of Spaniards take advantage of this day to advance their Christmas purchases at the best price.

In recent years, Spain has joined the celebration of this day, a kind of sales for 24 hours or even for the entire weekend. Global businesses celebrate the start of the Christmas campaign with discounts, promotions and offers for their customers.

What's the origin of Black Friday term?

Black Friday has its origin in the United States, where the police used it to refer to the heavy traffic and chaos that preceded Thanksgiving. This agglomeration of vehicles and people ended up being called Black Friday. The term became generalized throughout the country, when the New York Times decided to publish an article about it. Precisely that tumultuous, chaotic and traffic-filled Black Friday inaugurated the frenetic Christmas shopping and thus, this already globalized promotion ended up being called in this way.

Black Friday in Spain

In Spain, Black Friday was celebrated for the first time in 2011, at which time the regulations governing promotions and sales periods changed, offering more freedom to businesses. Until now, a schedule of established discounts forced by law the companies dedicated to trade not to be able to lower their prices beyond what is allowed. Today, most companies dedicated to commerce, whether they are large stores, recognized brands or even small businesses, offer numerous discounts that you can take advantage of. Textile, technological or travel brands will offer their products at a lower cost during that Friday.

When can I buy in Heymo Black Friday 2023?

From the beginning of November you will have the opportunity to find out about different promotions that will be launched until the end of Black Friday. On this page we will inform about them.

Until when can Black Friday purchases be returned?

The return period is until January 11, 2023, but those products purchased after January 11, 2023, will already have the usual return policy of 15 days.